• Orchid Santa Ana Hosts Impact Academy

    Our Santa Ana facility recently hosted an Impact Academy to connect employees to the impact they have on customers, their products and, ultimately, patients.

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  • Women in Manufacturing (WiM): Stronger Together

    In early 2023, we launched our first Employee Resource Group (ERG): Women in Manufacturing (WiM)! This group came to life because of the passion Kristie West, Lourdes De Cardenas and Angie Rohrer have for diversity and inclusion.

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  • What We’re Celebrating: 2023 Reflections

    As we enter a new year, we are reflecting on the milestones, accomplishments and celebrations of Orchid and our employees in 2023.

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  • Orchid Chelsea Hosts Impact Academy

    In October, our Chelsea, MI facility hosted Impact Academy, a significant event dedicated to strengthening the connection between our employees and our products. Chelsea was the first site to host an Impact Academy back in October 2021.

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  • Impact Academy World Tour Finishes in Europe

    The Impact Academy team had the opportunity to connect with Orchid employees in the United Kingdom and Switzerland as we completed the tour to every Orchid location worldwide last week.

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  • Impact Academy: An Orchid Tour to Connect and Inspire Us Beginning in October 2021, Orchid Orthopedic Solutions implemented a series of commercial led educational sessions for all employees companywide to learn more about the positive influence that the work we do has on the world. Aptly titled Impact Academy, these sessions created a fun and unique opportunity to connect Orchid as an organization to... Read More
  • Impact Academy Concludes the First U.S. Tour in Farmington Hills, MI Impact Academy started as an idea for Orchid’s commercial team to share knowledge about our industry and customers with employees through lunch and learns. Between October 2021 and July 2022, we have visited all nine Orchid locations in the U.S. to connect employees to the impact they have on our customers, their products and, ultimately,... Read More
  • Impact Academy Visits our Casting Facility in Oregon

    Impact Academy continued at Orchid’s Oregon City, OR facility last week.  Impact Academy is a series of educational events presented by the Commercial Team to connect employees to the impact that they have on our customers, their products and, ultimately, the patients.

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