Orthopedic Medical Devices

We help you build medical devices and bring your product to life.

Areas of Expertise

Providing solutions for orthopedic implant procedures.


The broadest portfolio from forming through finished goods manufacturing and packaging.

Implant Coatings

A range of cementless options for your orthopedic implants.

Design for Manufacturing

Input into your product design for efficient manufacturability.


Partner with us to simplify your supply chain and get your product to market faster.


Orchid provides solutions for implant procedures in the major orthopedic markets.

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Orthopedic Product Solutions
System Complete Sourcing

Leverage Orchid’s capabilities to receive finished product with just one P.O.

Design for Manufacturing

Leverage Orchid from concept through production.

Leverage Orchid from concept through production.

Product Process Transfer

Orchid can assess your current assets and recommend solutions to stabilize and maximize your profitability.

Off-The-Shelf Packaging

Orchid offers pre-formed sterile packaging in a wide variety of sizes to help you save time and money.