White Papers

Case study and research on orthopedic technologies.

  • Porous Titanium Plasma: A New Generation of Porous Titanium Coating The Porous Titanium Plasma coating has been designed to fill a gap in the market by producing a porous coating outside of the capabilities of a sintered coating. The Porous Titanium Plasma process can be applied to Ti6Al4V, CoCr and Zr-alloy substrates, which combines the biocompatibility of titanium with the excellent wear properties of cast... Read More
  • Titanium Coating On PEEK For Medical Devices Porous titanium coatings onto polymers are of great interest tomedical industries. A vacuum plasma spray (VPS) process has been developed to coat PEEK with a micro porous biomimetic titanium coating. This study reports the experimental characterization of the topography and microstructure and of the mechanical strength of the VPS Pure Titanium... Read More
  • Preparing for Change Orchid Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of orthopedic medical devices are facing cost pressures like never before. To reduce cost and make their products more attractive to reimbursement-restricted purchasers, OEMs are curtailing the size of their sales force and the commissions they pay out; establishing a leaner overhead structure; and... Read More
  • High Impact and Improved Corrosion Resistance for Bone Cutting Tools Orchid Orthopedic Solutions has developed a form of 17-4ph stainless steel which, following initial testing, increases the impact strength by up to 5 times and vastly improves its corrosion resistance, whilst maintaining all other properties, such as tensile strength and hardness. This is anticipated to make broaches and rasps safer for the... Read More
  • Expanding Opportunities with a Simplified Supply Chain

    In the era of cost-conscious, value-based healthcare, medical device original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are under intense cost pressures to find ways to reevaluate their operations and supply chain strategies.

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  • Coating Technologies Review: How Orthopedic Implants Get Coated

    Orchid Orthopedic Solutions focuses on both bone on-growth and bone in-growth coatings with expertise in spherical, asymmetric, hydroxyapatite, plasma spray and titanium on PEEK (polyethertherketone). This  article provides some background on the technologies and discusses the benefits and limitations for each process.

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  • Maximize the Use of Your Operation Footprint and Assets to Reduce Costs Most Medical Device Manufacturers (MDMs) have a manufacturing facility that is not utilizing its resources 168 hours a week. In an environment where MDMs are under constant pressure to reduce costs, there is an alternative to maintaining under-utilized operations or establishing larger operations and footprints. Medical device manufacturers... Read More