Reduce Total Operational Costs

Maximize the Use of Your Footprint and Assets
Asset Utilization

Get the best return on assets you own and operate.

  • Minimize operating expenses
  • Reduce underutilized capacity
  • Predict your cost structure
Maximize Capital

Move your value stream into a single Orchid facility.

  • Reduce risks
  • Reduce cost of goods sold
  • Improve overall return on investment (ROI)
Improve Profitability

Predictable fixed cost structure.

  • Variable costs are controlled
  • Leverage fixed costs of Orchid
  • Reinvest your profit in growth
Partner with Orchid
Maximize Your Assets in 4 Steps
1. Is Product Transfer Right for You?

This solution can be customized for each company’s needs. Ideal opportunities are divesting, change of focus in business or ensure fully utilized capacity.  

2. Meet Your Maximizer Team

Together we will define business goals and determine a plan of action.

  • Consult on project management
  • Set communication streams
  • Examine rules to eliminate stall
3. Transfer Assets

Move your entire facility, equipment or product line to Orchid to free up costs.

  • Equipment validated by Orchid
  • Utilize Orchid’s manufacturing facility‚Ä®
  • Orchid can handle purchasing and inventory
4. Oversee Production

Simply provide forecast data to Orchid, place purchase orders and communicate your needed expedites.  

  • FDA compliant sterile packaging  
  • Storage and transportation
  • Orchid manages quality and production