Articles, Videos and Resources about 3D Printing of Orthopedic Devices

Building an additive manufacturing ecosystem requires a deliberate and thoughtful process, a team of experts and a large investment. Learn how you can achieve cost effective scaleable manufacturing with repeatable and reliable processes.

In this library, our team guides you through questions and offers insights.

Orthopedic Supply Chain Simplification

How additive manufacturing simplifies supply chains, reduces risk, and saves OEMs money

3D Printing Large Joint Business Case

Build your business case and strategy for scalable, cost-effective 3D printing of large joint implants

The Evolution of 3D-Printed Medical Devices

The newest generation of Electron Beam Melting technologies offer true high-volume printing of large joint medical devices

9 Considerations for Building an Additive Manufacturing Ecosystem

Here are the nine pillars necessary to take full advantage of all EBM’s possibilities and build an additive manufacturing ecosystem


Orchid is building on its legacy as a trusted provider of orthopedic implant manufacturing services through the adoption of EBM additive manufacturing technology and collaboration with GE Additive.

By utilizing the newest technologies, the benefits of traditional manufacturing are uncompromised with additive manufacturing and allow for a reduced cost per part. Leverage a cost-effective supply chain for hip, knee, shoulder, spine and trauma implants and evolve your business with zero compromise!