A Unique Process that Reduces Finishing Time
Cost Effective Forging Solutions
Tool & Die

In-house capabilities include:

  • Forging simulation

  • Die design
  • Fixture build
  • Work holding/gages
Net & Near-Net Forging

Forged parts with follow on machining capabilities.

  • Hip stems

  • Femoral knee components
  • Tibial knee components
  • Hip acetabulum components
  • Trauma plates
Machine & Finishing

Adding finishing touches to your forged component.

  • Multi-axis mills

  • Multi-axis lathes
  • Metal finishing applications
  • Non-destructive testing
Why Forge with Orchid?
  • Expert in Exotic Metal Alloys
  • VMI Lean Manufacturing Models
  • Complete Machining Capabilities
  • Die Design Simulation Software
  • Hydraulic, Friction Drive Screw, and Direct Drive Screw Presses

Your Partner for Fast, Quality Forgings.
Complete Solutions

Orchid optimizes the manufacturing and assembly process from production to testing and procurement to shipping and delivery.

Shortened Lead Times

Orchid’s facilities maximize production to help you reduce costs in excess inventory, transportation and paperwork. 

ISO Certified

Each of Orchid’s facilities are ISO 13485 Certified and registered with the FDA.