A Unique Process that Reduces Finishing Time
Cost Effective Forging Solutions
Tool & Die

In-house capabilities include:

  • Forging simulation

  • Die design
  • Fixture build
  • Work holding/gages
Net & Near-Net Forging

Forged parts with follow on machining capabilities.

  • Hip stems

  • Femoral knee components
  • Tibial knee components
  • Hip acetabulum components
  • Trauma plates
Machine & Finishing

Adding finishing touches to your forged component.

  • Multi-axis mills

  • Multi-axis lathes
  • Metal finishing applications
  • Non-destructive testing
Why Forge with Orchid?
  • Expert in Exotic Metal Alloys
  • VMI Lean Manufacturing Models
  • Complete Machining Capabilities
  • Die Design Simulation Software
  • Hydraulic, Friction Drive Screw, and Direct Drive Screw Presses

Your Partner for Fast, Quality Forgings.