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Innovative Coatings Solutions

A Range of Coating Options to Fit Your Application Needs   

Porous TPS

Titanium plasma spray with a porosity ideal for knee components.

  • Highly porous
  • Can be applied to dissimilar materials
  • Thicker than standard TPS
  • Designed for cementless knee components

Surface roughness to meet the challenge of orthopedic fixation.

  • Open porosity

  • Stable technology
  • Titanium and cobalt-chromium

Asymmatrix Overview

Additional Coatings

Full range of implant coating options.

  • Hydroxylapatite (HA)
  • Spherical/bead coating
  • Titanium plasma spray (TPS)
  • Ti on PEEK
  • Custom coating

Bone In-Growth Coating Overview

Why Coat with Orchid?
  • Full Range of Coating Capabilities
  • Longevity
  • ISO Certified/FDA Registered

  • Custom Capabilities
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Each of Orchid’s facilities are ISO 13485 Certified and registered with the FDA.