Impact Academy: An Orchid Tour to Connect and Inspire Us

Beginning in October 2021, Orchid Orthopedic Solutions implemented a series of commercial led educational sessions for all employees companywide to learn more about the positive influence that the work we do has on the world. Aptly titled Impact Academy, these sessions created a fun and unique opportunity to connect Orchid as an organization to the patients, products, and customers that we serve daily, while also providing employees with a greater understanding of the industry.

Impact Academy: An Orchid Tour to Connect and Inspire Us

One of the primary goals of Impact Academy was focused on familiarizing each employee with the industry in a way that would encourage a sense of teamwork, appreciation, and value for what each Orchid employee offers.

The idea for Impact Academy was that we can create more value for our customers as we work together and continue learning as a team, with each session tailored to match the needs of the site and resonate with site employees. Discussion points at each session were thoughtful and intentional, with the most common or differentiated products at the site at the forefront of each session to tell the story of the site.

Once the idea of Impact Academy became a vision, the commercial team went to work creating the content for the presentations. Sessions featured:

  • Patient testimonials
  • Surgical simulations
  • Games and prizes
  • Food
  • Shirts designed by Dalana Trumble (Orchid Chelsea Quality Engineer)

The session in Memphis also included a visit from a customer who came to share positive feedback about Asymmatrix coating applied to their high-demand hip cups.  

As employee feedback from each Impact Academy session was evaluated, most participating employees shared the following takeaways:

  • Increased knowledge about Orchid’s supply chain
  • Orchid’s size and position in the market
  • Learning where and how the parts that we make are utilized
  • Connecting what we do to who our products are helping

When asked what they liked most about the event overall, employees shared an array of their favorite moments, including:

“The employees were well engaged and excited to learn more about how their day-to-day activities impact patient lives."

  • “I liked that it shared information on what each product that we make does in the body along with what customers we contribute to and the ranking of those companies.” (Oregon)
  • “I love the testimony of the man who received a heart from our company. That was so amazing and just to know how we impact, and change lives each day with the work we do. I’m just so thankful to be in a field of work that helps people have a better chance at life.” (Memphis)
  • “I really enjoyed the short video clips showing the basics of what the surgery does and how the parts made in Lansing “fit” in.” (Lansing)
  • “The material presented was very helpful for me to understand more about the products and use for them, especially being a new employee.” (Chelsea)
  • “I have been employed with Orchid for 15 years and this is the first class like this. I really enjoyed it because I never knew where some of the implants go inside the body.” (Detroit)
  • “I liked the information about where Orchid stands as a medical supply company. I liked that we were able to see and hear an actual story of how our tools helped someone so closed to home.” (Bridgeport)
  • “I liked the fact that it gave us more insight about what we do. A story by someone who has our product that wants us as employees to know what we do makes a difference, and it matters.” (Arcadia)
  • “Very informative. This event was one of the first in the last 16 years that kept everyone engaged through the presentation.” (Alabama)
  • “It helps to understand the importance of the quality of all products made by Orchid.” (Santa Ana)

From the first session to the final session, most employees stated that they would enjoy more sessions throughout the year where they can continue to learn more about the industry as it evolves.

Marlon Sloan, Plant Manager at Orchid Alabama, shared “The employees were well engaged and excited to learn more about how their day-to-day activities impact patient lives. With a great group of talented presenters, “Impact Academy” did exactly what it was intended to do; educate, inspire, and create a sense of pride and ownership in what we do at Orchid!” Impact Academy presenters have also stated that these sessions are some of the most impactful and fun initiatives that they have had the chance to be a part of at Orchid, highlighting these sessions as valuable and purposeful to their roles at Orchid.

As we wrap up the first calendar year of Impact Academy sessions at Orchid, we look forward to continuing to promote teamwork and help people live longer, more active lives!



To view more photos of our team visiting each site, click on the gallery below. 


Allyson Licht
Allyson Licht

Allyson Licht is a Customer Service Representative with Orchid and has a strong passion for writing. She received her Bachelors in Written Communications from Eastern Michigan University. Her mission is to continue to offer exceptional Customer Service to our valued customers at Orchid, highlight our continued successes and create an environment in which our employees are valued, appreciated and recognized for their hard work and dedication.

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