• Terry Spada - Double Knee Replacement - The Impact of Orthopedic Surgery Terry Spada, father of Becca Spada (HR Generalist at our Lansing facility), had a double knee replacement in 2019. We invited him for a tour and to share what his life was like before and after his surgery, and he also has a special message for the employees in the shop!Terry Spada, father of Becca Spada (HR Generalist at our Lansing... Read More
  • 3 Considerations for Navigating through COVID-19 Impacts for the Orthopedic Industry Since COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic early last month, members of our industry have been looking for signs about what it means for our medical device businesses. One thing is certain, 2020 will be a turbulent year for procedure demand. Analysts agree that because many orthopedic procedures are elective and getting postponed to help... Read More
  • Elise Terrien - Knee and Hip Replacements - The Impact of Orthopedic Surgery Elise Terrien, mother of Jerry Jurkiewicz, our CEO, was a rehabilitation counselor and observed the impact that orthopedic surgeries had on her clients. When it became too painful for her to enjoy trips with her grandchildren, she knew she needed orthopedic surgery herself. Watch her story to see how her surgery has given her a new lease on... Read More
  • Orchid’s Commercial Excellence Awards Announced (Virtually)

    The Orchid team came together virtually to celebrate outstanding commercial performance amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.  And the winners are....

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  • Phil Nardone - Hip Replacement - The Impact of Orthopedic Surgery

    Phil Nardone, friend of Abbie Woolston (HR and Marketing Specialist), grew up playing hockey, refereeing hockey and biking. He had a hip replacement after he was in so much pain that it was hard for him to walk, sleep or even ride in a car. Learn how this surgery turned his world around and how he feels about what we do here at Orchid.

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  • Sharon Gerrish - Knee Replacement - The Impact of Orthopedic Surgery Sharon Gerrish, mother-in-law of Catherine Gerrish (Executive Assistant to the CEO), is an avid runner who started experiencing knee pain. After cancelling her knee replacement surgery numerous times, she decided she couldn’t continue on the way she had been and set a goal to ensure a longer, active life. Watch the video to see how... Read More
  • Orchid’s Highlights from 2019

    As we enter a new decade, we are reflecting on the milestones, accomplishments and celebrations from Orchid and our employees in 2019.

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  • Dependable Orthopedic Supply Chain = Timely Patient Care Complexity in the orthopedic supply chain creates unnecessary waste, and can cause delays in delivering products to patients. A professionally managed supply chain program allows the industry to deliver more innovative products to people who need them. This video shows how OEMs seeking rapid growth and focused on patient outcomes can free up... Read More
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