• Orchid's Newest Generation of EBM Technology

    Meet Eric M. Gatlin and hear about the changes he has seen in additive manufacturing technologies. Find out how Orchid is leveraging the newest generation of EBM technology to offer true high-volume 3D printing of large joint implants.

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  • Breakthrough Cost Improvement through 3D Printing of Large Joint Devices

    OEMs are challenged to continue providing innovative products and additional value in a price-constrained market. 

    CONTACT US today to see how we can provide you a cost-saving and scalable manufacturing solution optimized for large joint devices.

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  • Infographic: 9 Key Elements of a Successful 3D Printing Ecosystem Have you ever built a new manufacturing capability into your business? Investing in the latest and most capable technology is only one piece of a larger ecosystem required to support successful production of orthopedic devices. It also requires significant time and resource investments to build the support, foundation, systems, processes and... Read More
  • Ben Hutson Joins Orchid as New Chief Operations Officer

    Holt, MI - Orchid Orthopedic Solutions (Orchid) is pleased to announce the addition of Ben Hutson, Chief Operations Officer, to the Orchid Leadership Team, further solidifying our commitment to becoming the premiere provider of orthopedic implant solutions.

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  • How Orchid Changed My Life

    Cari Rutkoskie, friend and business partner who has been a communications consultant for Orchid for almost five years shares her story about the success of her hip replacement surgery.  Watch Cari's video as she shares her journey, the challenges she faced, and the joy of living pain-free again.

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  • Orchid Welcomes New Leadership to Enhance Customer Service Holt, MI - Orchid Orthopedic Solutions (Orchid) is pleased to announce the addition of two seasoned professionals to our commercial leadership team, bolstering our commitment to delivering innovative solutions and unparalleled value to our customers in the orthopedic market. Join us in welcoming Justin Walsh as Vice President of Sales and... Read More
  • Orchid Santa Ana Hosts Impact Academy

    Our Santa Ana facility recently hosted an Impact Academy to connect employees to the impact they have on customers, their products and, ultimately, patients.

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  • 3D Printing: The Next Evolution of Large Joint Manufacturing

    Orchid is building on its legacy as a trusted provider of orthopedic implant manufacturing services through the adoption of EBM additive manufacturing technology and collaboration with GE Additive.

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