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Orchid’s Origins are in Orthopedics. 

With a combined 475 years of experience, our expertise in orthopedics is our customer’s added resource.
It includes:
  1. Joint reconstruction - implants and instruments for every kind of joint reconstruction procedure
    • Large joint reconstruction: hips, knees and shoulders 
    • Small joint reconstruction: ankles, elbows, fingers and toes 
  2. Spine - Orchid has experience with both fusion and motion preserving technologies as well as standard open procedure instruments and complex, high precision, minimally invasive instrumentation      
    • Spinal implants
      • Artificial discs, fixation plates, pedicle screws, rods, cages, hooks and cross connectors 
      • Regulatory guidance and submissions 
      • PEEK molding and machining
    • Spinal instruments
      • Machining of spinal instruments 
      • Spinal instrument development including design, prototyping and testing 
  3. Trauma - IM nails, plates, bone screws, pins
  4. Sports medicine - bone anchors, ACL repair
  5. Craniomaxillofacial - plates, screws, instruments
  6. Extremities - implants and instruments for shoulders, elbows, wrists, ankles and more