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After Hip Surgery: An Employee’s Story

Posted: Tuesday, September 27, 2016

I have been with Orchid for six years as our West Coast Sales Engineer, enjoying the successful rise of Orchid as one of the premier contract suppliers in the orthopedic industry. My responsibilities as a sales engineer include traveling to my accounts for face-to-face meetings to promote our capabilities and capture business for the divisions.

Trade shows are also an important part of the process of interfacing with our customers, and we are featured at AAOS, NASS, MDM West and OMTEC each year.

In November 2015, I had hip replacement surgery. The surgery was required due to excessive pain in the joint from a combination of traumatic injury to the joint and arthritis. I had played football at Western Michigan University, and being 58 years old contributed greatly to my joint pain.

For two years prior to the surgery, I had experienced decreased mobility due to pain and stiffening of the hip joint. The joint pain restricted my movements, includi
ng my ability to perform tasks such as traveling to accounts and walking the trade shows. I also received imaged shots to the joint to relieve the pain and restricted movement. These shots temporarily helped me in the performance of my job and to continue to have as active a lifestyle as possible. I decided that it was time to get the hip replacement surgery.

Post-surgery has been a great success. I had the hip replacement surgery the day before Thanksgiving and was released from the hospital the next day, allowing me to spend Thanksgiving with my wife at home. I took an aggressive path, starting with physical therapy after just 10 days, returning to work after two weeks, and at six weeks was back playing golf. I am currently at ten months post-surgery with no pain in the joint, no restrictions and back to the active lifestyle I enjoy here in California.

As Orchid employees and members of the medical device industry, we should be proud of the products and services we provide because I am proof that we provide an opportunity for people to live a better life.

By Scott Blumenstein, West Coast Sales Engineer

Scott Blumenstein on the left, ready to golf!