Orchid Celebrates Bridgeport’s Learning Culture at OMTEC

Ted Bloomfield, VP – Machining Operations, presented last month at the Orthopaedic Manufacturing & Technology Exposition and Conference (OMTEC): the biggest manufacturing convention of the year in our industry.

Orchid Celebrates Bridgeport’s Learning Culture at OMTEC

Ted held a 15-minute in-booth presentation to share how our largest facility (Bridgeport, MI) overcame challenges by building resilient learning and training programs for employees.  Because the industry is experiencing high turnover, low unemployment, manufacturing careers deprioritized and wages increasing nationwide, manufacturing talent is in demand.

Typically, when an organization is in a hiring phase, productivity will slow down. By enhancing a learning, people-focused culture, the Bridgeport facility decreased turnover by 10% and increase productivity by 25%. 

The key pillars in helping build a learning culture within your organization are:

  • Invest: Devote time, focus and money toward people
  • Attract: Create interest in manufacturing careers
  • Onboard: Ensure confidence in medical device manufacturing
  • Train: Provide on-the-job and technical learning opportunities
  • Grow:  Open clear paths to career opportunities

With a robust orientation program, clear career path structures and cross-training, employees are confident and proud to work in orthopedic device manufacturing. As an organization, we have learned a lot about best practices and continue to improve. If you’re curious to learn more about the details of our learning and training initiatives, we’d be happy to share more with you during our next conversation.


Orchid Orthopedic Solutions
Orchid Orthopedic Solutions
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