Pre Configured Sterile Packaging Options
Off-the-Shelf Sterile Packaging

Eliminate the need for design and tooling costs.

  • Many Pouch Sizes
  • Pre-formed Tray Configurations
  • Customizable for Product Distinction
  • Library of Product Validations
Reduce Cost & Time

Eliminate the need for custom packaging. 

  • Faster to Market
  • Reduce Validation Needs
  • Quick Transfer Your Process to Ours
Create Custom Labels

Professional and personal for each project.

  • Print Most Label Formats
  • Bar Code Compatible‚Ä®
Pre-Formed Solutions
Orchid's Sterile Packaging Options
1. Trays

Orchid offers a variety of trays to choose from.  

  • RP1  -  Femorals, Cups & Tibias
  • RP2  -  Femorals, Cups & Tibias
  • RP 2.5 - Extremities
  • RP3  -  Hip Stems, Small Instruments
2. Pouches

Orchid offers a large array of pre-formed pouches to choose from. 

  • Chevron, Peelable Structure
  • Materials: Tyvek 1073B/polyester, Nylon or Foil
  • Single or Double Barrier
  • EO (Tyvek only) & Gamma Compatible