• How Orchid Wants to Improve Supply Chain Management For Customers

    Reduce your supply chain management to a single source with Orchid Supply+. Joe Zuzula, Senior Director – Sales & Marketing elaborated on the solution at the MD&M West conference in Anaheim, CA.

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  • ISO 13485 — Arab, AL Download
  • ISO 13485 — Memphis, TN Download
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  • ISO 14001 — Sheffield, UK Download
  • ISO 45001 — Sheffield, UK Download
  • How To Develop Your Next Orthopedic Product during the COVID-19 Pandemic with Smart Design Did you know that approximately 75% of the cost of a medical device product is in the actual design (materials and geometry) and only 25% of the cost is in the process (and, maybe, geographically where the product is made)? The industry is becoming increasingly more aware of costs during the current COVID-19 pandemic, which is why Design for... Read More
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