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Orchid Technology Symposium helps Customers

Posted: Monday, January 19, 2015

Orchid conducts technology symposium to help keep customers informed of capabilities and technologies for manufacturing orthopedic instruments and implants.

Some call it a one vendor trade show. Others refer to it as a technology road show. Whatever you call it, Orchid's Technology Symposium creates a place for learning manufacturing capabilities and technologies, saves money on sending folks to industry events and advances your project to the next step.

So what is it really? Imagine at your company in the lobby, board room or cafeteria there is a trade show booth with sample parts, technical experts and presentations on topics such as machining, forging, casting, instruments and injection molding, along with discussions around how to bring your products to market. Your employees visit the "booth" throughout the day learning important design for manufacturing information, tackling a tough problem through collaboration with Orchid experts or mapping out how to bring products to market in a cost effective way on three continents. Everything you would expect to find attending an exhibition and/or conference without having the expenses of travel and conference fees.

Orchid will schedule two to three of these Symposiums each year and has conducted them in both the U.S. and Europe. Feedback from our OEM customers has been great. Please contact your local Orchid rep and ask them about how you can get an Orchid Technology Symposium at your company or e-mail me at

By Joe Zuzula
VP of Sales and Marketing