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Orchid Oregon Supports AFSP

Posted: Tuesday, June 27, 2017

For the month of April, Orchid's Oregon facility raised funds for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP). Donation jars were spread throughout the facility and a silent auction took place for the last two weeks of the month. All of the proceeds went towards AFSP. 

The idea to support the AFSP was originally provided by Orchid’s Quality Supervisor, Valentino Milosevic, who also participated in the Out of the Darkness Walk in May, but quickly garnered additional support from James Alley, Graveyard Supervisor, as well as the rest of the plant after the idea was proposed.

Students at Union High School and Heritage High School, in Camas Washington and Vancouver Washington, respectively, have grown up together and often attended the same grade and middle schools. Earlier this year, two students committed suicide which greatly affected both schools. The schools put their rivalries aside and the two high school baseball teams paired up, hand in hand, before a game and offered prayers and support to those affected by the tragedy. 

James Alley, who is the coach of Heritage High School team, was there to witness all the players organize this impromptu gathering and was proud to say that it was all the players’ idea. It was ‘the proudest coaching moment I (he) have ever had.’ James was able to snap a photo and was more than happy to share it.

Orchid Oregon is proud to support the AFSP and we look forward to seeing the progress made from suicide awareness and the funds raised by the Orchid team.