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Orchid Oregon Casting School

Posted: Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Orchid is dedicated to educating fellow associates and our customers. Part of that effort is casting school which is held in our Oregon facility.

Nine Orchid employees traveled to Orchid Oregon in late June to “go back to school” to learn the basics of Investment Casting. Nic Seymour, General Manager of Orchid Oregon, welcomed the team and provided an excellent overview of the casting process. His team of experts that assisted in the event included Jeff Miller, Doug Penni, Alin Iancu, Wyatt Hoffart, Tyas Wilson and Cindy Overstreet.

The intensive 2 day training combined classroom learning with a plant tour and several hands on exercises that gave the team a real appreciation for what it takes to not only make a high quality casting, but to design parts for the casting process. They saw how Orchid Oregon starts with customer’s specifications and uses a thorough analysis to design tooling, create a wax replica of the final casting and build a “tree” that is made up of several of those wax replicas. A ceramic shell is built up which is then filled with molten metal to create the cast product. Various finishing steps are then used to complete the casting to the customer’s requirements.

The highlight was actually seeing the molten metal being poured from the crucible into the ceramic shells by a team of highly skilled technicians. There was great appreciation for the attention to detail to make this process extremely consistent and, above all, very safe for all involved. Orchid will be holding more Casting School sessions in the near future. Touch base with your regional sales engineer for more information. – Bill Vrabel, Sales Engineer - Warsaw