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Orchid Design is Living by our Core Values

Posted: Wednesday, July 12, 2017

At Orchid Design, employees find ways to live by the core values that make Orchid a great company.

Excellence Through Leadership and Performance and Service Before Self

Under the leadership of Steve Maguire, the Orchid Design teams in Shelton, Connecticut and Memphis, Tennessee have been driving performance for our customers for more than 13 years. The average customer rating for our teams is 4.7/5, a great achievement!

Recently the Memphis and Shelton teams each had a major cadaver lab for two large customers at the same time! The engineering and prototype teams were able to manage the extreme workload to get all the prototype parts ready and the labs were both very successful. Justin Bishop and his prototype team as well as the engineering teams in Memphis and Shelton worked long hours and under very stressful conditions to get the job done and exhibited very strong values of Service Before Self and Excellence Through Leadership and Performance values during this very busy time.

Teamwork and Integrity in all Relationships

The Memphis and Shelton sites, while at different locations geographically, work as a team to get the customer’s needs met. Many projects require resources from both locations working together seamlessly to get the job done right. This kind of teamwork has built trust and great relationships between the two sites. Employees travel back and forth to the sites to help, learn, and advance customer projects. Adam Mantzaris from the Shelton office was in Memphis recently to learn about a project that he was taking on as an additional resource. Individually, the employees help each other out when they can, even if it involves work that may not be on their own project or task. Matt Schultz of the Memphis team has been helping his coworker Lowell Smoger by taking on small but time-consuming tasks and freeing Lowell up to focus on more important items.

Growth Brings Opportunity

Orchid Design is working to adapt our business to the new focus of the overall Orchid business. We have consolidated the prototyping business in Shelton and expanded the Operations team to provide resources to support the larger shop.

Lori Kopchik was promoted to Operations Manager to oversee this part of the business. Lori and her team do a great job supporting not only the prototype shop but also the engineering and regulatory staff to make sure the business keeps humming at a good pace without problems.

Enviable Environment to Work and do Business

The management at Orchid Design works very hard to provide a great work environment for the employees. The doors of the management team are always open for advice and assistance when the need arises. Open and frank conversations about work and performance are common and the team environment between the staff of the Memphis and Shelton sites challenge the status quo on a regular basis to improve the way we do business.

We incorporate these core values into what we do every day. It’s a crucial part to the success of Orchid and why it’s such a great company to work for.

By Chris Scifert, Director of Engineering (Orchid Design)