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My Journey with Orchid Orthopedic Solutions

Posted: Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Last year around this time, I was delivering my sister’s lunch to her at work. She had forgotten it earlier that day, and the bank she worked at was right on my way to work. While I was there, I ran into an acquaintance and we began to catch up about where we were in life and what our goals and aspirations were. I mentioned that I was pursuing a career in the medical sales field and told him I was struggling to find connections in the field. Our brief conversation ended and I went about my day thinking nothing of it. Little did I know, that conversation would be the kick-start to my career! 

A few weeks later, I was pleasantly surprised to receive a message from an old friend (who was also at the bank when I was discussing the medical sales field). She told me that her father works for a medical manufacturing company that makes the parts and implants that sales reps sell. She mentioned that she had told him about my situation, and he had agreed to meet with me to give me a general overview of the industry. 

Needless to say, I immediately scheduled a time to meet with her dad (who is otherwise known as Joe Zuzula, the Vice President of Commercial Excellence at Orchid Orthopedic Solutions). During our conversation, Joe was extremely helpful, handing down advice, pointing me to current issues/topics to educate myself on, and answering my multitude of questions. He mentioned that there was a trade show coming up in San Diego, California, and that attending would be a great way for me to make connections in the field. I booked a flight that next week and was so excited to go. During the show he introduced me to several sales reps, letting them know that I was looking to enter the sales field.

The experience and connections were invaluable! After the show, Joe and I continued to correspond through email every so often to see what progress I had made from the trade show. At this point I needed an internship and none of the companies I had spoken with were offering one for what I was going into. I was seemingly at a crossroads, until I received an email from Joe. He mentioned that he was impressed during the tradeshow and that Orchid would like to offer me an internship to see if I was a good fit for the company. My journey with Orchid had come full circle; I was now going to be an employee.

My official title was Marketing Assistant, but to say that I only participated in marketing tasks wouldn’t be giving the position its due credit. I was able to help the sales team generate leads, track new and old accounts, analyze data, present new ideas to executives, create and start new campaigns and more. Working at Orchid truly opened my eyes to all areas of the industry and with the incredible leadership from my team and others, I feel more confident than ever to be entering into this new phase of my professional life.

A conversation with Joe particularly stands out to me when I think of what I learned in my time at Orchid. He said, “You have to believe in what you do for a living, or else you will never be satisfied.” The mission of Orchid is to give individuals the opportunity to live a better life. That is a mission I can see myself believing in, both for the short and the long term.

I’d like to give a big thanks to everyone who spent time building into me during my time at Orchid; Jerry Jurkiewicz, Erin House, Abbie Woolston, Catherine Gerrish, Ted Bloomfield, Scott Blumenstein, Matt Burba, Keith Wasilenski, Tony Crivella, Patrick Davidson, Paul Hewitt, Lisa Hiller, Steve Maguire, Mike Miller, Scott Reese, Brandon Smith, Karolyn Sairls, John Hakola, and others! I am forever grateful.

By Liza Braatz
Marketing Assistant