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Inside the Orthopedic Market’s Biggest Event: The AAOS Annual Meeting

Posted: Friday, March 30, 2018

People from around the world traveled to New Orleans for the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) annual meeting. Among the 25, 400 total people in attendance, someof them were Orchid employees who had never been to the event before, including Orchid Design Product Development Engineer Nikki Sroka, Program Manager Brian Sharp, and Technical Sales Director at Orchid’s Suzhou, China Facility, Warren Zhang.

The AAOS meeting brings surgeons and doctors together to discuss opportunities, services and products in the orthopedic industry. With an expo hall full of OEMs and suppliers to surgeons and hospitals, it’s a great place for Orchid to meet with customers.

“For me, I actually got to meet one of the customers I work with on a project that I am leading in person for the first time,” Sroka said. “It was just a great experience to see how many different customers we have and how we value them as well as how much they value us.”

Sroka was accompanied by 30 other Orchid employees to the three day expo. With so many Orchid people in one place, we take the opportunity to hold team meetings and gather intelligence on the market. One of those meetings was the Orchid Commercial Team Meeting where we talked about commercial strategy.

“I learned that we have an enormous amount of sales and new product opportunities, including some of our coating and packaging core areas that have been outside of my area of influence,” Sharp said. “It was great to learn about those areas that I hadn’t been exposed to.”

Canaccord Genuity also held a free conference before the expo began. Sroka attended as an Orchid representative to find out what the trends in the market are.

“Many companies emphasized the importance of getting into ambulatory surgical centers (ASCs), since they are more affordable for patients,” Sroka said. “As engineers, this can directly affect our design strategy.”

Zhang also noticed trends during the expo such as an increase in Chinese companies, 3D printing and customization, and regenerative medicine. 

“The era of regenerative medicine is coming, more and more companies focus on this area, such as soft tissue repair,” Zhang said. “Arthroplasty will be postponed, even not needed.”

Orchid employees agreed that AAOS was a valuable experience because of what they learned. Sroka was able to take what she learned and brought it back to the Orchid Design team, while Zhang felt inspired after CEO Jerry Jurkiewicz explained the strategy overall as a company at the Commercial Team Meeting.  For Sharp, it was about human interaction.

 “I would say two things. One, learning more about our customers and their size and scope was very impactful for me,” Sharp said. “Two, making those connections with the Orchid team.”

Blog post by Quinn Alexander, Executive Assistant at Orchid Orthopedic Solutions