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Ethics Hotline: Orchid Takes a Step to Provide Transparency in Business

Posted: Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Orchid implements ethics hotline service for employees, customers and suppliers.

Transparency is important in business to ensure we are living out our core values, and creating an environment that is easy to do business in is critical to our success.  Orchid has taken a courageous step to support this and implemented a hotline service for employees, customers and suppliers to inform a third party about activity that is believed to be inappropriate or unethical.

Orchid is committed to an environment where open, honest communications are the standard, not the exception. At Orchid, everything we do is driven by our Core Values, and by working together, we can provide an opportunity for people to live a better life. That’s why it is important that you speak up and inform us if you know of or see any unethical behavior. Together we can protect our core values by following our code of conduct, which will lead to our success and make us the industry-wide partner of choice.

Orchid encourages open, honest, direct and respectful communication among employees, with supervisors and between business partners. We understand that there are instances in which an individual feels more comfortable reporting an incident anonymously, and our hotline is the tool that makes it possible.

Anyone that observes activities that violate our Code of Ethics, creates a conflict of interest or may put the company or others at risk are welcome to use the hotline.

Benefits of Using the Hotline:

  • Available 24 hours per day, 365 days a year
  • Submit claims online or via phone
  • Claims can be submitted anonymously
  • Information will remain confidential, except with those involved in the investigation
  • Allows for required information to be collected in order to conduct a thorough investigation
  • Ability to track the status of your report
  • Helps to maintain an enviable environment to work and do business

Reports will be handled promptly and discreetly, and the status of your reports is accessible to you at any time. Sufficient and detailed information is necessary to conduct a thorough investigation, so please help us to help you and the company when submitting your reports.

Submit a Report Online:


 A link to our online hotline portal is also in the top-right corner of Orchid’s website

Submit a Report By Phone:

U.S.:  1-855-792-6411

U.K. (C&W): 0-500-89-0011 (at the English prompt dial 1-855-792-6411)

U.K. (British Telecom): 0-800-89-0011  (at the English prompt dial 1-855-792-6411)

Switzerland: 0-800-890011   (at the English prompt dial 1-855-792-6411)

India: 000-117  (at the English prompt dial 1-855-792-6411)

China (Southern-Mandarin Operator): 108-10  (at the English prompt dial 1-855-792-6411)

China (Southern): 10-811  (at the English prompt dial 1-855-792-6411)

China (Northern-Mandarin Operator): 108-710  (at the English prompt dial 1-855-792-6411)

China (Northern): 108-888  (at the English prompt dial 1-855-792-6411)

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