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Orchid Orthopedic Solutions has Located Manufacturing Facility in Jackson, Tenn.

Orchid announced the company has located its new manufacturing facility at 2715 Bells Highway in Jackson, Tennessee. Orchid has invested up to $1 million in the project and initially created 25 new jobs in Jackson.

The facility is an expansion of Orchid’s site in Arab, Alabama. Orchid is using the new Jackson plant to support its machining of complex instruments. The new facility is machine only and special processes, finishing, assembly and inspection will take place at the Alabama facility. Orchid has fitted its new facility with seven pieces of equipment, with 10 more pieces coming in the future.

“Orchid’s complex instrument manufacturing team continues to satisfy customers with high levels of responsiveness and delivery precision. Our commitment is to keep our eye on serving the customer as we continue to expand,” says Mark Burba, Orchid’s Executive VP of Machining.

The facility currently has six employees present and will add five more employees in the next month. The company will also continue to recruit for all three shifts, as it expects to have 40 employees on board by the end of the second quarter.


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