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Sterile Packaging

Package Years of Experience, Quality and Expertise Into Your Products. 

At Orchid, we have committed our best resources to provide you with sterile packaging capabilities for your medical device product. With two ISO 7 (class 10,000) qualified clean rooms, state-of-the-art automated packaging and test equipment, sterilization and validation expertise and a team with years of experience in sterile packaging services, you can be sure your next packaging project is in good hands.

Let us take your orthopedic products from concept all the way through delivery, or just utilize our sterile packaging expertise to help you with design considerations and provide packaging support to bring your product to market quickly.

Our Packaging Capabilities:

  • Flexible and rigid packaging – conducted inside an ISO 7 certified clean room
  • Packaging design – seamlessly integrated with the production facility 
  • Final cleaning – validated to ensure your devices are clean and ready for sterilization 
  • Testing – detection of seal leaks, seal strength, distribution simulation and shelf life testing 
  • Monitoring – our ISO 7 certified clean rooms are regularly monitored for temperature, humidity, particle counts and bioburden (ISO11737) 
  • Validation – packaging validations are planned to ensure that the requirements of ISO11607-2 can be met 
  • Sterilization – Orchid offers gamma radiation and ethylene oxide sterilization management as well as post-sterilization release activities 
  • Labeling – our labeling capabilities include barcoding and a vast symbol library, including MDD and ISO15223-1 medical devices 
  • RediPak® – pre-designed pouches and trays along with a vast library of seal process validations, packaging design and distribution validations, shelf-life studies, and pre-established sterilization families

Download our Sterile Packaging Operations Brochure (PDF) for more information.