Sterile Packaging
Market Ready and Custom Packaging Solutions
Medical Device Packaging Solutions

Pre-configured packaging to speed up the process.

  • Pouches and trays
  • Library of validations
  • Quicker, more cost effective, compliant option
Sterilization Management

Integrating sterilization into production.

  • ISO 7 certified clean rooms

  • Gamma radiation
  • Post sterilization release
  • Ethylene oxide
Custom Solutions

Full packaging design capabilities

  • Packaging consulting
  • Protocol writing
  • Material selection
  • Predefined design packaging services
Why Package with Orchid?
  • Sterile and Non-Sterile
  • Flexible and Rigid Options
  • EO and Gamma Sterilization

  • Labeling Capabilities
  • Testing ASTM F1929, F888, F1886 & F2096 
Your Partner for Sterile Packaging.
Complete Solutions

Orchid optimizes the manufacturing and assembly process from production to testing and procurement to shipping and delivery.

Shortened Lead Times

Orchid’s facilities maximize production to help you reduce costs in excess inventory, transportation and paperwork. 

ISO Certified

Each of Orchid’s facilities are ISO 13485 Certified and registered with the FDA.