What we do Matters: Insights from a Surgeon at Orchid Meeting

Orchid held a conference in Clearwater Beach, Florida with approximately 80 company leaders in early February. It was an opportunity to align the team to our strategy and priorities for 2022 and beyond, and for leaders from multiple sites and functions to learn how they can help and support each other to accelerate our growth. Here are some highlights from the meeting.

What we do Matters: Insights from a Surgeon at Orchid Meeting

A Surgeon’s Perspective

Dr. Jovan Laskovski, MD, a hip arthroscopist practicing in Akron, Ohio, shared his perspectives as a surgeon and how Orchid plays a vital role in the industry. 

He discussed the top three tenants of the importance of what our employees at Orchid do every day: Quality, Safety and On Time Delivery.  He shared some examples of what happens when a surgical product fails, and why what we do here at Orchid really matters!

  1. Quality
  • While patients may not be able to see our level of attention to detail, it is imperative to the success of their surgery.
  • Never be satisfied with “OK.”  You should always strive for great.
  • If you see something, speak up.  You should always want the best in what you do.
  1. Safety
  • Real stories from surgeries and what happens with a product fails
  • Understand what you do is important
  1. On time delivery
  • When products are late, it causes disruption
  • When the supply chain is affected, it creates a ripple effect
  • Late deliveries affect the patient’s life and work, as well as their family’s

Dr. Laskovski shared how he maintains a high-performing and patient-centric team. While the challenges throughout the COVID-19 pandemic for healthcare workers have been unprecedented, it was evident that his team works hard and has fun together.  

And he talked about finding inspiration in what you do. Take pride in your work, you never know how what you’re doing can impact those around you.  Surround yourself with greatness, show appreciation to your team and find that thing that drives you to get up and be great.

Employee Recognition

Retirements: We celebrated all of our employees who have retired or are planning to retire this year, and many of them have had a long tenure with Orchid.

Service Anniversaries: We recognized team members celebrating 5, 10, and even more years of service with Orchid.

Commercial Excellence: We continued our annual Commercial Excellence Awards, recognizing employees and sites who went above and beyond to serve our customers. Read more.

We Enable Growth.

As we discussed our strategy and our position in the market, our purpose as an organization was clear: We enable growth. We enable growth for our customers through end-to-end capabilities and our ability to scale. And we enable growth for our employees through career advancement, training and opportunities.


Being together in one location allowed the Orchid team to share best practices and enabled us to make connections. We are willing to try new things in order to accelerate our growth and open opportunities for all of our employees. The surgeon brought light to the importance of what we do and ensuring we take pride in the work we do and why what we do matters.  We departed with a clear direction and the knowledge that we have team members across the globe who want to be successful together.

Dr. Laskovski   

Nate Folkert, CEO  




Orchid Orthopedic Solutions
Orchid Orthopedic Solutions
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