Thank You to our Dedicated Employees

I think we can all agree 2020 was quite a year, but despite all of it, our employee’s efforts and dedication to this company are something we felt needed recognized.  When the pandemic hit, our industry was looking for signs about what this meant for our industry. We had to adapt quickly, and the perseverance of our employees helped us navigate through the year. We had to learn how to sell remotely in an industry that, up until 2020, was very focused on doing business face-to-face.  We had to build some new processes to help us manage our business and serve our customers better.  And we had to make the necessary changes within our sites to ensure our employee’s safety was the first priority.

We asked some of our leaders about what employees have been doing to go above and beyond. With this feedback, we want to recognize the efforts and hard work of the entire Orchid team through this post. We couldn’t list all of the highlights, but selected a few to illustrate the efforts of our talented and dedicated team!   

Thank You to our Dedicated Employees

The I.T. Department
In 2020, our small team assisted in closing more than 3,500 helpdesk tickets, refreshed more than 300 PCs and completed more than 40 projects that enabled new technology or data insights.  Technology is one key to Orchid’s success and this team knows what it takes to achieve an efficient and effective enterprise!

Recognition was submitted by Jeff Phillips, Senior Director of IT


Site Teams
All of our facilities responded well to the dynamic and changing environment. These are just a few examples.  

Detroit Team
I would like to thank the Detroit team for all the terrific successes in 2020 during a global pandemic. The team dealt with the workload impacts of the warning letter, ongoing increased customer delivery requirements, and the staffing challenges created by the pandemic. These challenges would normally be met by surviving. The Detroit team not only survived, but flourished. Output has consistently improved. Yield rates have dramatically improved. The layout and the cleanliness of the site is visibly better than ever. Hats off to the Detroit team for not only meeting tough challenges, but improving all phases of operations during these challenging times.

Recognition was submitted by Jeff Donnell, COO

Sheffield Team
The team, led by Jon Conway includes Mo Dawood, Paul Dodgson, Julie Edwards, Paul Thompson, Anthony Horstead, Debbie Arnott and Warren O’Brien) have rallied around to do their very best during these uncertain times – they have been excellent!

It’s truly an amazing show of unity, teamwork and application! The team have not only coped with the issues related to the pandemic, but also served an important role in helping other Orchid sites improve their processes.

Recognition was submitted by Dave Beighton, (General Manager)

Oregon Team
This relatively newly formed team, led by Loren Blanchard includes David Parnell, Shawn Rouse, Christine Gooch, Sean Wells and Paul Strahm has been awesome.

Of course, in Oregon’s case, they have dealt with disease, fire and flood and at many points through the year they felt like they just didn’t know what was coming next! Amidst these challenges, they have held their nerve and all shown great tenacity and courage. In addition to just coping with the hazards before them, they have made the business much better reducing scrap, improving customer service and regaining strong profit numbers.

Recognition was submitted by Dave Beighton, (General Manager)

China Team
The team in Suzhou, China, received lots of customer orders that needed to be delivered before the end of the year, so that our customers could attack their market. Our employees have shown dedicated passion in putting our customers first before ourselves. We worked overtime and shift work so that our machines didn’t stop, even during lunch time. Thank you for all the efforts by the team.

Recognition was submitted by Lilian Wang, manager, Supply Chain, HR and Office Management

Project Managers and NPI teams
2020 was a tough year and there was a lot of pressure to get projects launched and make up for lost revenue. As a project manager you never consider pandemic being a risk you need to account for in your plans…2020 certainly proved us wrong! Thank you for your flexibility during a very unorthodox year, as well as your commitment to delivering for our Customers. From driving surgical lab parts from Alabama to Warsaw (due to unreliable shipping methods) to assisting with manufacturing and assembly (due to quarantines), I truly appreciate everything you do. Your dedication and commitment to Orchid and our Customers shows. I consider myself extremely lucky to work with such amazing teams! Here’s to a new year…2021!

Recognition was submitted by Melissa Case, Portfolio Manager, NPI & Transfer

Quality Team

In 2020 the Global Quality team made significant progress in improving product quality and FDA compliance across all sites. Hats off to everyone for achieving these great results.

Craig Simdon, Sr. Quality Manager, at our Detroit facility started in 2019.  With the help of many, he helped rebuild the quality organization and change the quality culture in Detroit.  Craig is steadfast in his resolve to make Detroit Quality “world class.”

The site wouldn’t be in the compliance position it is today without Craig’s leadership.  He embodies Orchid’s core values on a daily basis.  Craig’s presence during the September, 2020 FDA inspection was instrumental to Orchid’s ability to impress Detroit’s improvement upon the US FDA.  Craig, on behalf of all of us, thank you!

Recognition was submitted by Joe Farinella, Director of Quality

Our employees went out of their way last year to ensure the success at Orchid and we are all truly grateful, inspired and humbled by our incredible workforce for all their dedication to Orchid and know that it does not go unnoticed.  

Orchid Orthopedic Solutions
Orchid Orthopedic Solutions
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