Our Farmington Hills Leadership Team Hosts Impact Academy

Impact Academy is an interactive and educational employee event with the purpose to connect Orchid’s employees to the IMPACT that they have on orthopedic patients, our customers and the market. It started in October of 2021 with the goal to present to employees at every Orchid location globally.

Our Farmington Hills Leadership Team Hosts Impact Academy

Our facility in Farmington Hills leadership team held their Impact Academy in May.  Scott Burgess (Plant Manager), Anna Harris (Operations Manager), Demeteral Beaman (HR Manager) and Tony Crivella (Global Commercial Manager, Memphis & Detroit) led the presentation. They talked about the implants that are made at the facility and the importance of what we do. Some of the topics that were discussed were:

  • The orthopedic market, how Orchid supplies the market, the top orthopedic companies, and market growth
  • Orchid's global capabilities, the products we make and where we make them, and how we're different from other contract manufacturers
  • How the implants we make work in a patient's body

Our Farmington Hills site specializes in applying two types of coating on orthopedic implants: Titanium Plasma Spray (TPS) and Hydroxyapatite (HA) coating.

We received great feedback from employees during Impact Academy.  Thank you to our leadership team at Farmington Hills for continuing to show employee’s the IMPACT they have on helping people live longer, active lives.


Impact Academy Presenters and HR Team:
Tony Crivella, Anna Harris, Scott Burgess, Stephanie Akker and Demeteral Beaman

Orchid Orthopedic Solutions
Orchid Orthopedic Solutions
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