Orchid Acquires Alhenia – Strengthens Role as Global Coating Leader

Holt, MI - Orchid Orthopedic Solutions (Orchid) is pleased to announce it has acquired Alhenia AG, a leading provider of coated implants to orthopedic device manufacturers.

Orchid Acquires Alhenia – Strengthens Role as Global Coating Leader

The combination of Alhenia and Orchid further strengthens Orchid’s position as the leading orthopedic coating company by adding new and novel coating technologies, geographic reach and an expanded customer base. The combination also creates an integrated local supply chain in Europe – from castings and forgings to fully finished, coated and packaged implants.

Alhenia is a world technology and quality leader in medical coatings and one of the leading medical coating companies in Europe. Alhenia’s coating portfolio includes: coatings on peek and polyethylene, ceramic coatings, cold spray coatings, titanium on metal and ceramic substrates and anti bacterial coatings. Alhenia also has many years of experience machining implants and instruments along with a wide variety of finishing capabilities to complete the entire value stream for orthopedic components. Alhenia is based in Switzerland and employs approximately 60 people.

“Orchid is very pleased to have the Alhenia founders and their employees join the Orchid team,” said Mike Miller, Orchid’s CEO." With this strategic acquisition, Orchid is clearly the world technology leader in coating services for the global orthopedic market,” Miller continued.

“Adding Alhenia’s coating and machining capabilities to Orchid further strengthens Orchid’s market position in the orthopedic market in Europe,” said Christopher Norbye, Orchid’s International Executive Vice President. “

”We are convinced that Orchid is the perfect platform to further expand the technologies and markets that Alhenia has developed in the last years, offering attractive opportunities for our specialised team and customers in the near future” said Jorge Garcia and Armando Salito – the founders of Alhenia.

About Orchid Coatings
Orchid’s coating technology and experience extends 20+ years in the US and is extended further with the new offerings in Europe. Orchid’s coatings and surface treatments now include spherical bead, Asymmatrix®, Osseomatrix®, titanium plasma spray, hydroxylapatite (HA), VPS on PEEK, VPS Ti on Polyethylene, ceramic coatings and Resorbable Blast Media (RBM).

About Orchid
Orchid is a worldwide leader in design and manufacturing for the orthopedic and medical device markets. We are able to do this by compressing time to market, providing new technologies and being the best total supply-chain value. Besides coating technologies we provide expertise in design and development, quality and regulatory support, implant manufacture, advanced machining, plastics technology, instrument manufacturing, and packaging services. With 14 world-class facilities located around the globe, Orchid continues to provide others an opportunity to live a better life through our products, services and the way we do business. For more information about Orchid, visit the company’s website at www.orchid-ortho.com

Orchid Orthopedic Solutions
Orchid Orthopedic Solutions
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