OMTEC & Orchid – Celebrating 16 Years of Networking and Education

OMTEC returned this year after a two-year hiatus, marking the conference’s 16th year and Orchid’s 16th year as an exhibitor.

OMTEC & Orchid – Celebrating 16 Years of Networking and Education

Created by Orthoworld in response to the desires and needs of orthopedic customers, OMTEC takes place each year in Rosemont, IL and offers a unique opportunity to bring together OEMs and suppliers to discuss the latest technology in healthcare, procurement, and industry trends, with Orchid utilizing the opportunity to leverage our capabilities with multiple OEMs face to face. While many conferences are primarily surgeon-driven, the exhibitors at OMTEC are primarily orthopedic contract manufacturers. Attendees from many different departments, such as engineering, R&D and procurement attend to build relationships with their suppliers and learn more about new innovations within the industry.

As R&D and engineering continues to drive new product introduction at Orchid, OMTEC provides a unique opportunity to research new products and concepts and encourage intentional conversations surrounding the current and future market. This year, Orchid had the opportunity to meet with almost every large OEM that we conduct business with, with the overarching themes being heavily weighted toward procurement and additive manufacturing (i.e., 3D printing.) For Orchid, our goal is always meeting with our customers, brand recognition in the market and commercial strategy targets.

Prior to the inception of OMTEC, there was a need to bridge the networking gap between the engineers and executives who were developing medical devices and products and the suppliers themselves. Identifying and resolving issues within the supply chain was at the forefront of this issue, with attendees citing that OMTEC provides the most influential sources to keep up with technological advancements and team build, both internally and externally. What was once developed by Orthoworld as a one-day event in Warsaw, Indiana has transformed into a platform of nearly 200 exhibitors and a yearly attendance rate that continues to expand across the medical supply chain.

As is made evident by customer and supplier testimonials, the opportunities for education and the professionalism displayed at the event are unparalleled and keep many returning year after year. There are educational opportunities for attendees and exhibitors throughout the week of the conference that are small and focused, and many attendees have cited these opportunities as their primary reason for returning year after year, with new concepts and ideas being presented each year. Among the educational sessions provided by OMTEC this year were navigating and overcoming supply chain challenges, regulatory compliance and implementing a culture of continuous improvement. For Orchid, these learning sessions offer an opportunity to network with a targeted audience in a more intimate setting.

As the medical industry continues to grow, we look forward to continuing to be a leading supplier, focusing on current and future innovations, customer satisfaction and high-quality products. OMTEC provides an ideal setting for these collaborative conversations, as well as networking and business opportunities that customers and suppliers alike can put to immediate use, such as identifying new capabilities and value, as well as initiatives designed to drive down costs. We look forward to continuing to see our customers and industry partners at OMTEC in the years to come.  


Orchid being recognized for being the Premier Sponsor during OMTEC 2012

Orchid exhibiting at OMTEC in 2017

Orchid exhibiting at OMTEC in 2019

Orchid exhibiting at OMTEC in 2022

Allyson Licht
Allyson Licht

Allyson Licht is a Customer Service Representative with Orchid and has a strong passion for writing. She received her Bachelors in Written Communications from Eastern Michigan University. Her mission is to continue to offer exceptional Customer Service to our valued customers at Orchid, highlight our continued successes and create an environment in which our employees are valued, appreciated and recognized for their hard work and dedication.

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