Impact Academy Visits Two Orchid Facilities

Orchid’s Commercial Team wrapped up the 2021 Impact Academy tour last week with visits to our Memphis and Alabama facilities.

Impact Academy Visits Two Orchid Facilities

Impact Academy is a series of educational events presented by the Commercial Team to connect employees to the impact that they have on our customers, their products and, ultimately, the patients. Each event is different, highlighting the sites capabilities, histories and products they make.


The Memphis, TN Impact Academy was on Wednesday, November 3. The Memphis facility applies sintered coatings to hip, large joint, extremity and heart components. Key topics in this session were:

  • Hip system designs
  • Use cases for different hip systems depending on patient needs
  • The benefits of quality bone in-growth coatings and Orchid’s market position
  • The niche market of coated heart components and the profound impact they have on patients with LVAD systems


The Arab, AL Impact Academy was on Thursday, November 4. The Alabama facility machines trials and instruments. Key topics were:

  • The differences between components used in primary and revision knee surgeries:
    • A primary surgery is the first knee replacement for a patient. Although most primary total knee replacements are successful, over time, implant loosening and wear may occur, requiring a revision surgery to replace the original implants.
    • Revision components have more complexity in their design to allow the surgeon to determine where the “good” bone starts and what other components are needed for correction to most closely match the natural anatomy.
  • Uses for trials and instruments:
    • Trials are reusable components used in surgery to determine the appropriate sizes of the implants prior to final insertion
    • Instruments, such as sizing plates, shims and handles are used for measuring and inserting implants during surgeries

We are preparing for our next round of Impact Academy events, and the 2022 tour schedule is coming soon! Follow us on social media for updates on where we are headed next.


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Erin House
Erin House

Erin House is Orchid’s Marketing Manager. She joined Orchid in 2008 and currently leads the company’s marketing strategy. She enjoys reading, outdoor activities and exploring.

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