Impact Academy Visits our Cutting Tools Facility in Bridgeport Michigan

All orthopedic reconstructive surgeries require the use of orthopedic cutting tools, and Orchid’s Bridgeport, Michigan facility manufactures a LOT of them! As Orchid’s LARGEST facility, this precision machining location is a best-in-class cutting tool manufacturer with a long history of serving the orthopedic market.

Impact Academy Visits our Cutting Tools Facility in Bridgeport Michigan

The Impact Academy team visited Bridgeport with the mission to connect the employees to the impact that they have on our customers, their products and, ultimately, the patients. We held six sessions to ensure that employees on all shifts had an opportunity to attend.

The majority of Orchid Bridgeport’s business is cutting tools for the trauma and large joint markets. The site also makes dental drills. The employees learned about:

  • The size of the orthopedic market and Orchid’s position
  • The volume of orthopedic cutting tools shipped from the Bridgeport site annually and the number of lives that are directly impacted
  • Which cutting tools are used in a total knee surgery:
    • Drills set the cutting blocks
    • Reamers open the intramedullary (IM) canal
    • Saw Blades cut bone into the shape of the implant

We also watched Nolan Haines’ story about how his trauma surgeries helped him get back to normal life after a motorcycle accident.  Watch his video here

Impact Academy’s next stop is Farmington Hills, MI in July.


Erin House
Erin House

Erin House is Orchid’s Marketing Manager. She joined Orchid in 2008 and currently leads the company’s marketing strategy. She enjoys reading, outdoor activities and exploring.

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