Impact Academy Visits our Casting Facility in Oregon

Impact Academy continued at Orchid’s Oregon City, OR facility last week.  Impact Academy is a series of educational events presented by the Commercial Team to connect employees to the impact that they have on our customers, their products and, ultimately, the patients.

Impact Academy Visits our Casting Facility in Oregon

This facility mostly casts knee and hip components, including tibia base plates, femoral components and hip cups.

At Oregon’s Impact Academy, employees learned:

  • How many knee components the site ships annually, and how these knee replacements help patients live longer, more active lives
  • The difference between a primary and revision surgery and how trials are used in surgery
  • When a casted product from Oregon is shipped to another Orchid site for coating, that coating is adding a bone in-growth technology and a cementless option for large joint replacement surgeries

Here’s where we are headed next:

  • May: Bridgeport, MI
  • June: Farmington Hills, MI



Erin House
Erin House

Erin House is Orchid’s Marketing Manager. She joined Orchid in 2008 and currently leads the company’s marketing strategy. She enjoys reading, outdoor activities and exploring.

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