Impact Academy Visits Both California Facilities

Our commercial team headed to sunny California in February to hold Impact Academy events at both the Arcadia and Santa Ana facility.

Impact Academy Visits Both California Facilities

Impact Academy is a series of educational events presented by the Commercial Team to connect employees to the impact that they have on our customers, their products and, ultimately, the patients.


The Arcadia facility mostly manufactures products for the trauma and extremity markets, with about 11% in spine. Key topics in this session were:

  • Trauma plates and implantation for wrist surgeries
    • We manufacture more than 75,000 trauma plates annually in Arcadia!
  • Intramedullary nails, implanted into the femur to heal fractures
  • The importance of product availability for trauma surgeries

Santa Ana

More than half of Santa Ana’s business is in the spine market, with other products manufactured for the dental and extremities markets. Key topics in this session were:

  • The site’s award for TOP SITE GROWTH in 2021!
  • The use of pedicle screws in spinal re-alignment surgeries
  • The impact to patients with spinal disc degenerative disease

Here’s where we are headed to next:

  • March: Lansing, MI
  • April: Oregon City, OR
  • May: Bridgeport, MI
  • June: Farmington Hills, MI


Erin House
Erin House

Erin House is Orchid’s Marketing Manager. She joined Orchid in 2008 and currently leads the company’s marketing strategy. She enjoys reading, outdoor activities and exploring.

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