Celebrating Performance and Leadership: Orchid’s 2022 Leadership, Operations and Commercial Excellence Awards

The leadership meeting this month provided an opportunity to recognize and celebrate outstanding performance from leaders and sites in 2022.  The organization held a Leadership Award ceremony, while the operations and commercial teams recognized excellence within each function.

Celebrating Performance and Leadership: Orchid’s 2022 Leadership, Operations and Commercial Excellence Awards

Leadership Awards

The leadership awards were determined by executive team criteria, including achieving the most awarded business, achieving the best results and receiving the most nominations. 

  • Leader of the Year (demonstrated the best examples of our company values: Integrity, Teamwork, Results): Ted Bloomfield, VP of Operations
  • Commercial Leader of the Year (achieved the most awarded business): Matt Weber, Strategic Account Manager
  • Site of the Year (demonstrated the best in safety, quality, delivery, cost and growth): Chelsea, Jason Koehn, Plant Manager & Senior Manager, Operations

Pictured left to right: Nate Folkert with winner Ted Bloomfield, Josh Pang with winner Matt Weber and Jason Koehn, winner, with Kristie West

Commercial Excellence Awards

Orchid has held commercial excellence award ceremonies for more than 10 years. To continue the tradition, we asked the commercial team to recognize and celebrate their team members’ performance.   It was encouraging to hear all the wonderful things our team had to say about each other, both for nominees and winners. We are excited to announce these winners of the 2022 Commercial Excellence Awards. 

  • Exceptional Customer Service (helped the business achieve success through exceptional customer service. They are proactive, responsive and customer-focused): Michelle Ulanowicz, Customer Service Lead
  • Exceptional Site Commercial Leader (led their site to successful results through collaboration with their site and other commercial team members. They are engaged, proactive and understand their business inside and out): Keith Dickey, Global Commercial Manager
  • Exceptional Commercial Leaders (through their leadership and collaboration, they are driven to support the team and proactively find opportunities to help the team achieve results): this award had three winners
    • Lisa Hiller, Sr. Manager, Customer Success & Orchid Supply+
    • Erin House, Marketing Manager
    • Joe Zuzula, Sr. Director, Commercial Excellence

Pictured left to right: Josh Pang with the winners: Lisa Hiller, Joe Zuzula, Matt Weber, Keith Dickey and Erin House (not pictured is winner Michelle Ulanowicz)

Operational Excellence Awards

We recognized several Operational Excellence awards for 2022 performance for the first time at Orchid.  These awards are in the spirit of Safety, Quality, Delivery, Cost, and Growth – 5 pillars that enable us to be ideal partners to our customers. Some categories had multiple metrics, resulting in multiple winners. The entire Operations team has a tremendous amount to be proud of with 2022 performance improvement and it was great to recognize the following sites.

  • Safety: Santa Ana & Memphis
  • Quality: Chelsea
  • Delivery:  Memphis & Chelsea
  • Cost: Santa Ana & Bridgeport
  • Growth:  Sheffield

We are extremely proud of the Chelsea team winning the Site of the Year!  This team is a great example of a holistic team who is very thoughtful of their customers with delivery and quality, continuous improvement internally for their team members and the business, as well as their community.  They crushed their top and bottom lines.  Lastly, the amount of engagement events they conducted for the Chelsea team members was incredible!

We are equally proud of Ted Bloomfield for winning the Leader of the Year.  This award was given to Ted based on the number of votes that came from Orchid’s Extended Leadership Team.  It was humbling to see all the positive feedback about Ted and made it truly well-deserved.  We couldn’t have a leader who is more passionate about the success of his team and Orchid overall while having unyielding integrity.  The performance of the Bridgeport site in ’22 through the leadership of Ted, as well as his level of collaboration across the business has been astounding.  We sincerely thank Ted for his leadership.

Congratulations to the winners and nominees!  We thank you and are proud of you all!

Orchid Orthopedic Solutions
Orchid Orthopedic Solutions
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