A New Era: Transforming the Orthopedic Industry

Orchid recently exhibited at the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS) annual meeting in Chicago. AAOS is a surgeon-focused conference that provides surgeons with educational sessions, a chance to speak directly with OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers, Orchid’s customers) regarding new and existing products, and market trends and expectations for the future of the orthopedic industry. For Orchid, AAOS gives us a chance to learn more about our customers, who are also exhibiting and prove that we are prepared for what the future holds.

A New Era: Transforming  the Orthopedic Industry

Undoubtedly, the past two years have been difficult for many industries and the medical supply chain is no exception, with inventory constraints hindering innovation and elective surgeries. Even as these challenges continue to have lasting effects on the industry, we consider these to be favorable trends at Orchid, with discussions regarding new projects at Orchid at a four-year high. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and we are prepared to continue to be a leading medical device supplier for our customers.

Along with the variations that we have seen in the medical supply chain due to COVID-19, a trending question at AAOS 2022 was how our customers can secure their supply and how we can work together to ensure that disruptions are mitigated. Many customers are transitioning to legacy product lines to avoid stock out situations and ensure a steady supply. As this trend continues, it provides a strong case for Orchid’s capabilities as a single source for the manufacturing process through coating, packaging, and sterilization to deliver quality product readily available for surgical use.

As we continue to experience shifts in the economy, AAOS provides a unique setting for Orchid to get in on the ground level of upcoming projects and new concepts in the medical supply chain. Lower attendance rates and smaller crowds have given way to more personal connections and intentional conversations regarding patient and customer needs and expectations. 

As we look forward to the future and continuing to pave the way for an ever-changing economy, we also look forward to continuing to provide our customers and patients with exceptional service and progressive thinking at the OMTEC conference in June 2022. Many customers have credited this conference with providing an ideal environment to network and discuss new growth with existing and new suppliers alike.  

At Orchid, we continuously strive to be a world class leader in medical innovation and collaboration. We take pride in our unique capabilities, and we offer a vast array of services focused on improving lives of patients and surgeons across the industry. We look forward to continuing to build relationships and remain ahead of the curve in the dynamic world that we face today.


Orchid Team at AAOS 2022 in Chicago

Allyson Licht
Allyson Licht

Allyson Licht is a Customer Service Representative with Orchid and has a strong passion for writing. She received her Bachelors in Written Communications from Eastern Michigan University. Her mission is to continue to offer exceptional Customer Service to our valued customers at Orchid, highlight our continued successes and create an environment in which our employees are valued, appreciated and recognized for their hard work and dedication.

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