• 7 Steps Toward a Successful Orthopedic Product Launch In today’s ever changing industry, it’s important that we implement innovative, fast, and cost-effective designs and solutions. One of our senior product development engineers walks through seven steps to take to help toward a successful product launch. Read the article published by Orthopedic Design and Technology:... Read More
  • Light Processing: Lasers Offer Advantages to Orthopedic Technology Manufacturers Lasers have been used for machining and other orthopedic applications for some time, but new capabilities now enable even greater benefits. Adam Hebert, Manufacturing Engineer at our facility in Bridgeport, Michigan talks about some of the challenges of laser machining and some of the new technologies to make this process a little... Read More
  • Orthopedic Coatings Play Pivotal Role in Implant Success Our CEO discusses the vital role orthopedic coatings play in the success of procedures.He talks about the new developments in process, some of the challenges and the how rewarding it is to work in the orthopedic industry. Read the article published by BoneZone: Orthopedic Coatings Play Pivotal Role in Implant Success - BONEZONE... Read More
  • Orthopedic Implant Coatings: Current State and a Look into the Future Coatings applied onto surfaces of implants have been a mainstay of the medical device industry for a few decades. Coatings serve a number of functions, ranging from enhanced tissue integration with the host, to improved bearing wear performance, and local delivery of therapeutic agents. Orchid remains at the forefront of delivering clinically... Read More
  • Coating Technologies Review: How Orthopedic Implants Get Coated

    Orchid Orthopedic Solutions focuses on both bone on-growth and bone in-growth coatings with expertise in spherical, asymmetric, hydroxyapatite, plasma spray and titanium on PEEK (polyethertherketone). This  article provides some background on the technologies and discusses the benefits and limitations for each process.

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  • What are Orthopedic Coatings? What should medical device designers know about orthopedic coatings? Orchid offers more than 35 years of experience coating implants for customers and explores the features, benefits and applications of orthopedic coatings Read the article published by Medical Design & Outsourcing:... Read More
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