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Single Point

Let Orchid be the Single Point for your manufacturing needs

Orchid is a strategic sourcing partner that can handle your entire project or provide services at a Single Point in the process to quickly bring your project to market.

Utilize Orchid’s product and technology expertise to outsource your special or costly processes and benefit from our world-class planning and delivery through Integrated Business Planning.

Orchid has proven in-depth knowledge and exceptional performance in the following manufacturing technologies:

  • Investment casting
  • Net and near-net forging
  • Plastic injection molding
  • Advanced machining technologies (metal and plastic)
  • Cutting instrument machining
  • Complex instrument assemblies
  • Bone in-growth coatings and surface treatments
  • Sterile packaging

If you’re looking to outsource more than one manufacturing capability, our other offerings provide a variety of outsourcing solutions to manage your supply chain, ensure risk mitigation, tie value streams together and provide you a complete and finished product already in the package.