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At Orchid, we understand the importance of a fast-tracked time line for new products introduction into the market place. We also have a thorough understanding of the regulatory environment and the requirements that sterilized products have to comply with to be launched as sterile product.

Our RediPak® Packaging Solution is designed to help our customers accelerate time to market and cut costs. With plenty of pre-designed pouches and trays available, and a vast library of seal process validations, packaging design and distribution validations, shelf-life studies, and pre-established sterilization families, our customers can cut off product introductions from an average of 6 months to fewer than 7 weeks. Our process validations can also benefit customers that are looking for a quick transfer of existing packaging to Orchid Orthopedics.

Key Benefits of RediPak®:

  • Nine existing pre-formed trays to choose from, eliminating the need for new thermoforming tooling, heat seal tools, and process validations; saving costs and lead times on your project.
  • Wide variety to choose from for pouch sizes and pouch materials (porous and non-porous), eliminating the need for pouch design, cutting dies, and process validation.
  • Plain white SBS cartons for individual product packaging. Each carton can be customized with the artwork and colors of your choice for branding or product differentiation.
  • Existing package stability studies on RediPak® packages to support up to 5 years of expiration date. Gain a competitive advantage by launching your products into the market with a 5 years expiration date without incurring in extra costs or waiting for lengthy aging studies that could take well over 5 months to complete.
  • A library of many product validations using RediPak® is available to use as baseline for engineering rationales to justify not repeating a distribution simulation or packaging validation.
  • Our RediPak® system has been used in product sterilization validations for Gamma Radiation and EO sterilization. Those validations are available for our customers to use in product adoption rationales, if applicable. By having your products adopted into an existing sterilization family, you will save time and cost of the initial validation, and required revalidations afterward.

Download our RediPak Quick Reference Guide (PDF) for more information.

RediPak Quick Reference Guide (PDF) RediPak Quick Reference Guide (PDF) (269 KB)