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Orchid Supply+

A Complete Supply Chain Management Program

Our Orchid Supply+ solution leverages Orchid’s capabilities to enable you to receive finished product with just one P.O.  When you source a product through Orchid Supply+, Orchid will control the entire value stream, including quality, regulatory and finished goods inventory.


 Common Opportunities for Improvement in Your Supply Chain

  • High costs
  • Cash flow
  • Unpredictable deliveries
  • Excessive inventory
  • Long lead times
  • Complexity


Orchid Supply+ would provide the most value on your current project if:


Orchid Supply+ would provide you the most value on your new project if:

  • You have many touch-points in the value stream
  • There is a lot of inventory at every step
  • There is a lack of resources to manage the supply chain
  • There is a lack of resources to launch the project
  • The value stream is not yet defined
  • One of the goals is to reduce risk (EX: Inventory, ownership)

  *switching cost investments are a one-time cost, the savings are ongoing

By investing in Orchid Supply+, Orchid will be able to:
  1. Reduce your inventory
  2. Improve your cash flow
  3. Improve lead times
  4. Consolidate your supply base and make more efficient use of resources. 
To see if you qualify, or if you have questions, click on the Request Value Assessment button to see what Orchid Supply+ can do for you. You will be directed to fill out a short form (less than 5 minutes).