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At Orchid, we understand the urgency of a product development time line. Let our experienced teams support you by utilizing prototyping for faster design iterations, building fixtures and gages, and even running small lots.

Value Added Through Orchid Prototyping

  • Speed and quality allow more iterations of your prototype to refine your design quickly
  • Our team is experienced in product development and making medical prototypes work
  • We believe in open communication. If we see an issue, we work with you to be sure you get a working prototype instead of just a part to print
  • We are experienced in working with engineers on design for manufacturing (DFM)

Typical Projects

  • Engineering prototypes 
    • Complex instruments
    • Implants
    • Components
    • Rapid prototypes
  • Small lot production components for medical devices
  • Gages and fixtures 
    • For inspection, testing, assembly, masking, production, welding, etc.

Why Orchid?

  • Quoting in less than 3 days
  • Prototyping – built around speed and flexibility
  • Simple mods in a day
  • Complex instruments manufactured in days and weeks, not months
  • Most common device materials in stock
  • We can work from sketches, models, and rough prints
  • Responsive team to quickly answer questions
  • Medical device engineers in house
  • We develop the process while you develop the design
  • Seamless transfer of process knowledge when you choose Orchid for your production needs