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Our Purpose and Core Values

To Provide an Opportunity for People
to Live a Better Life.

At Orchid, everything we do is driven by our Core Values – whether it's producing that small prototype order for a new customer or launching a new product for a Strategic Partner. We believe that following this code of conduct will lead to our success and make us the industry-wide partner of choice. 

From our employees, to our customers, to the surgeons performing surgery and ultimately, to the patients that receive care using the products we make, we strive to affect people’s lives in a positive manner. We feel fortunate to be working in an industry that has the ability to impact lives in such a profound way and we are proud of the services we provide.

  • Excellence through leadership and performance
  • Service before self
  • Teamwork and integrity in all relationships
  • Growth brings opportunity
  • Enviable environment to work and do business

Working in an industry that has the ability to impact lives in such a profound way has proved to be a strong motivator for everyone at Orchid. We set our standards high and strive for continuous improvement in all that we do. Our core beliefs in excellence, service, teamwork, integrity and both personal and professional growth have shaped our company, our employees and our products, adding value for our customers and our industry.

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