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Our Culture

Complete Value Stream Medical Manufacturer: Speed. Value. Innovation.

That's what Orchid Orthopedic Solutions brings to medical device companies around the world. With more than 610,000 square feet of manufacturing space, 1,800-plus skilled employees and a culture of continuous improvement, we make it our job to provide you with the newest technology and the best total supply chain value. Orchid is committed to using lean methods as our core operating philosophy. This means world-class quality products that come to market in the shortest time possible.

Think Lean

We’ve found that by tying our value stream to yours, we’re able to implement principles that remove waste, decrease cost and reduce lead times. Lean manufacturing is the best way to require less effort, investment, inventory and logistics from our customers and create more overall customer value.

A Culture of Lean

Lean is not only practiced at Orchid, it is our culture. Our employees and management embrace Lean Principles to the point that they have become part of our identity. Our flexible and motivated team members are the heart of our Lean Culture and with more than 65 Quality Certifications, including 2 Master Black Belts, 5 Six Sigma Black Belts and 30 Six Sigma Green Belts, we are continually seeking a better way to achieve delivery of the highest quality parts and products in the least amount of time.

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