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Our Community

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Our Community

Benefiting the Communities We Call Home

At Orchid, we believe in giving back. And we demonstrate that belief at every opportunity, in every one of the many communities in which we operate. From financial support to numerous volunteer hours, we maintain our commitment to helping people live a better life – not just by what we make, but by what we do.

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At Orchid, we are committed to working towards a cleaner and healthier environment. We continually strive to improve our overall policies and procedures to help minimize risk and provide a safe work environment for our employees and communities.

Orchid’s 2015 Sustainability Program Achievements:

  • One of Orchid’s fundamental responsibilities is to provide a safe work environment for our employees. Toward this effort we have set a goal of a 25% incident rate reduction for 2015. The incident rate was reduced by 3% in 2015, while the number of incidents is down 13% over 2014.
  • As part of a 2015 wellness initiative, Orchid had 335 employees successfully lose weight for a combined total of 2,606 lbs.
  • Orchid had 118 employees participate in the biometric screening
  • Orchid rewarded 24 employees for participating in wellness activities

Below are Orchid’s sustainability programs for 2016:

Orchid’s Environment Initiatives for 2016
  1. Establish electricity consumption reduction goals by site. Target 10% reduction per unit of production by 2018
  2. Monitor amount of solid waste produced by site and develop plans to reduce over time
  3. Work with supply base to encourage establishing environmental goals and measuring the progress as part of the qualification process
Orchid’s Workplace Safety Initiatives for 2016
  • Reduce incident rate 25% over 2015
  • Produce global quarterly safety themes
Orchid’s Wellness Program for 2016
  • Continue wellness program that incorporates all Orchid sites in a weight loss program
  • Reward employees and their spouses for completing a health risk assessment
  • Continue to encourage and recognize employees for taking the initiative to develop their own wellness plan


By extension, helping people live a better life involves safeguarding the environment, locally, regionally, nationally and globally. By operating in an environmentally sound manner, we not only help our business operations – we directly add to the quality of life in the communities where we live and work.

Workplace Safety:

One of Orchid’s fundamental responsibilities is to provide a safe work environment for our employees. It is our belief that a safe work environment is a productive one. By our efforts to protect people and to promote wellness, we achieve benefits for both the corporation and the individual.

Being a manufacturing company, there are potential hazards that, if not properly managed, pose a threat to our employees. A key component to managing safety is reporting of workforce injuries. Tracking these incidents, whether it is an industrial accident, a repetitive motion injury or a slip and fall gives management crucial information to eradicate incidents and to use in our continuous efforts to improve safety. Toward this effort we have set a goal of a 25% incident rate reduction for 2016.

Wellness Programs:

Orchid has corporate initiatives for wellness as well as programs at each of our facilities. Our goals for 2016 include: increase participation in the Orchid-wide weight loss program, increase the participation for on-site biometric screenings and establish a baseline for health risk assessment participation. 

Labor Practices and Human Rights:

Orchid observes the OECD Guidelines for multinational enterprises and encourages its business partners to do the same. In addition, Orchid is committed to respecting human rights and adhering to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and deployment. This includes, but is not limited to, policies and actions against slave trade and human trafficking.

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