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Maximize the use of your footprint and assets

Minimize expenses by maximizing asset utilization
  • Any asset utilized less than all 168 hours/week is under utilized
  • Orchid has the ability to lower the costs from under utilized capacity 
  • Operating expenses are minimized including maintenance, utilities, rent, taxes and payroll
Stabilize profitability through predictable, fixed cost structure
  • Costs are predictable because you don’t manage variable costs in the value stream (ex: labor, machine utilization, supplies)
Reduce risk
  • Orchid handles project management
  • Orchid is experienced operating in a regulated environment
Big movements equal big savings
  • Consolidating multiple sources of a common value stream allows maximum leverage
  • Orchid has access to capital to expand


Maximizer: Maximize the Use of Your Operation Footprint and Assets to Reduce Costs