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Implant Coatings and Surface Treatments

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Meeting the Challenge of Implant Fixation

As a leader in coating technology, Orchid has coated more than 2.5 million implants. Orchid offers a wide variety of advanced technology coatings and surface treatments to meet the challenge of implant fixation. Whether you want the clinical success of hydroxylapatite coating (HA), the high osseo-integration capability of titanium plasma spray (TPS) / vacuum plasma spray (VPS), the roughened surface of resorbable blast media (RBM), or proprietary coating solutions to meet your needs, you definitely want the custom capabilities, rapid turnaround times and excellent track record that accompany every treatment we offer.

Coating Capabilities

  • Proprietary HA coating on titanium, cobalt-chromium or stainless steel
  • Thick HA Coating at 150 microns
  • TPS/VPS orthopedic coating on titanium or CoCr substrates that enables the coating to exceed the ASTM requirement, eliminating cracking
  • Proprietary titanium coating on PEEK utilizing a special process to protect the mechanical properties of the PEEK substrate
  • Proprietary titanium coating on UHMWPE irregular and porous in nature with no deterioration of mechanical properties
  • RBM surface treatment on titanium substrates creating a roughened surface comparable to a 100 mesh Al2O3 finish without leaving any embedded debris
  • Composite coatings including HA on plasma, beads, irregular sintered coatings and TPS on RBM-prepared substrates
  • Porous coatings such as spherical bead, asymmetrical powder and irregular particle coatings, available in a range of powder sizes, types and coating processes to meet tight tolerances or unusual specifications
  • Rough porous TPS coating with higher roughness and greater porosity (>100 micron pore size in all zones) of this coating meets the ASTM standard for porous coating
  • Proprietary anti-wear ceramic coating: a tough ceramic coating with enhanced wear properties for implantable components
  • Osseomatrix® titanium foam
  • Asymmatrix®: Material flexibility with significantly greater porosity than spherical beads
  • Custom coating technologies: customer-driven solutions including traditional bead coatings and more novel applications such as porous metal foams

Other Capabilities

  • Passivation per ASTM F86: meeting the highest standards of cleanliness
  • Final clean and sterile packaging: in ISO class 7 certified clean rooms
  • Jet Wash Process: A lean cleaning process that helps in reducing the entrapped particles from blasting by more than 50% in weight compared to standard ultrasonic cleaning process
  • Quality control: including visual, dimensional and mechanical testing as well as NDT capability

Typical Projects

  • Orthopedic coatings – joint and spine
  • Dental coatings
  • Cardiovascular coatings
  • Veterinary coatings


Orchid Implant Coatings and Surface Treatments Brochure Orchid Implant Coatings and Surface Treatments Brochure (3325 KB)

Technical Papers


New Trends in Orthopedic Implant Coatings (8/1/15)

List of Master Files Filed with the FDA:

  • MAF 1779/A002 – OSSEOMATRIX® Titanium Foam Coating
  • MAF 2172 – Titanium ASYMMATRIX® Type 1
  • MAF 2197 – Titanium Spherical Type 1 Porous Coating
  • MAF 339 – HA Characterization File
  • MAF 1085 – Titanium Plasma Spray Characterization File 

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