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Employee Testimonials

What our employees say about working at Orchid:


"Working at Orchid Chelsea is rewarding for me because all around me I hear stories about how much the products that we produce have made someone's life better. It brings me great satisfaction to think that I had a hand in helping people live their lives pain free. Joint replacement enables many to do the little things that we all take for granted. Do you think about the range of motion it takes to put on your socks? If you are in need of hip replacement surgery, you think about it every day. Helping those in need to live pain free drives my dedication to helping people live happier, healthier lives."

LESLIE NEASE, Regulatory Specialist

Orchid Chelsea (3.5 years)


"Orchid is a great place to work.  The company offers numerous opportunities for advancement and was flexible with my schedule as I worked part time while going to college. The Orchid team is dedicated to reaching its goals, while taking on new challenges and opportunities for growth in a competitive industry.  I am glad to now be a full time member of the Orchid team."

Jordan Maurer, Quality Technician, Validation

Orchid Bridgeport (6.5 years)


"Adjusting to ever changing challenges requires vision and flexibility from the entire team. From the teammate a few cubes down to the CEO 100’s of miles away, I have found both are equally accessible and eager to jump in and help. I enjoy the family atmosphere at Orchid and the level of support we get concerning personal development. I feel responsibility and accountability is shared by all."


Orchid Alabama (4.5 years)


"Orchid is an amazing place to work because our Core Values are more than just pretty words on a website or poster.  We use these values to make choices every day and really give people - employees, customers and members of the community - an opportunity to live a better life.  It's a great feeling to be a part of that."

Jen Biggar, Quality Manager

Orchid Lansing (4.5 Years)


"I enjoy the people I work with at Orchid. The leadership team is great. I satisfy my analytical side and enhance my skills at my own pace. I like that I get to learn new things about the company every day, and they are not always specific to Product Release. If I understand how the machinist receives their information, it helps me to understand the information when I receive it on my desk. I feel like the leadership team wants every employee to succeed and will do whatever is necessary to make sure that as a company, we all succeed."

Christie BAKER, Product Release Technician

Orchid Alabama (2 years)


"Since working at Orchid, I have been given the opportunity and support from everyone in the company to expand my knowledge from things such as on the job training to studying for a degree at a University. It is a great place to work."

Joshua Bunting, Trainee MEtallurgical Engineer

Orchid Sheffield (5 years)


"Change is never easy, especially in a career. I truly enjoy both my job and my co-workers. This is a new industry for me and it has been a tremendous learning experience. I appreciate the knowledge that my co-workers and supervisor have shared and their willingness to be open to new ideas."

Michelle Sissons, Customer Service Representative
Orchid Arcadia (5.5 years)


“I enjoy working at Orchid. There are many opportunities to try different positions. I have been able to advance within the organization. The team culture here motivates me to do my best. I really enjoy the company events, outings and charity drives that we have.”

Winchester Rice, Project Manager

Orchid Bridgeport (13.5 years)


“There are three great things that come to mind when I think about working for Orchid. The first thing is the great employees we have. The second is the amount of work. The third is the knowledge I gained from working here.”

Rob Keefer, Quality Control Inspector

Orchid Bridgeport (12.5 years)


 "To provide an opportunity to live a better life is not only Orchid's mission statement, it is the driving force behind everything we do. This industry allows us to manufacture components that one day may allow someone to walk or play catch with their child that they previously were not able to do, is very rewarding. It also means to me that being an employee for Orchid grants me the opportunity to grow within the company and provide a better life for my family and me. I enjoy working for a company that allows me to make a difference, and encourages me to be better than I was yesterday.”

Matt Weber,Strategic account manager - midwest

Orchid Corporate (6.5 years)


 “Working at Orchid Chelsea gives you the best of two worlds. Working in a small company atmosphere where you have the chance to shine in a team environment. At the same time, we are part of an international corporation, providing us with all the resources that come with it. Training, mentoring programs, education and, most importantly, the opportunity to grow personally and as a company are available to those that are willing to strive for it.”

Joe Schoenborn, CNC Programmer

Orchid Chelsea (6 years)