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Cutting Instrument Solutions

Cutting Instruments are at our Core.

With more than 30+ years in the design and manufacture of orthopedic and surgical cutting instruments, we help companies reduce time to market by leveraging our ability to design, prototype, test and manufacture a range of cutting instruments including drills, burrs, taps, reamers, blades and more.

Customized for your implants and your procedures, our instrument design begins with an online proposal survey that specifies critical design inputs and delineates a clear understanding of the procedure. This generates a design proposal within 24-48 hours, followed by 3D CAD models and final manufacturing level drawings of the instrument, enabling us to grind, machine and finish your cutting tool with the highest quality edges possible

Instruments Produced

  • Surgical drill bits and reamers – including solid and cannulated surgical drills and reamers, dental implant cutters, step drills and reamers for orthopedic, maxillofacial, cranial/neuro and ENT procedures
  • Surgical cutting burrs – fluted and diamond coated burrs for orthopedic, otology, podiatry, arthroscopy, neuro, maxillofacial and other surgical specialties
  • Surgical blades – an extensive array of blades used in total knee procedures and arthroscopy applications involving ACL reconstruction, podiatry and other specialties
  • Specialized cutting instruments –technique-specific cutting tools custom-designed for optimal performance to your application

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