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Complex Instrument Assemblies

Vertically Integrated Facilities Practicing Lean Principles to Compress Lead Times and Costs on the Most Complex Instrument Projects.

At Orchid, we are experts in engineering a process to reliably provide you with the instrument that you need to successfully implant your devices. One of the most difficult jobs in orthopedic manufacturing is the fabrication and assembly of complex instrumentation. Our vertically integrated facility is set up using Lean Principles to take waste and lead time out of the system, compressing lead times and cost. Whether your instrument is designed with just one or with multiple components, we will deliver the reliable results you have come to expect from Orchid.


  • DFM/DFA (Design for Manufacture/Assembly)
  • Machining of medical grade materials
    • CAD/CAM capability
    • Milling
    • Turning
    • EDM (wire and sinker)
    • Finishing
    • Chemical
    • Chrome coating
    • Electropolish

Typical Projects

  • Joint reconstruction instruments
    • Knee femoral cut guides
    • Hip stem broach handles
    • Acetabular trials
    • Knee, femoral and tibial trials
    • Alignment guides
  • Spinal instruments
    • MIS access components and assemblies
    • MIS screw placement instruments
    • Compressors and distractors
    • Screw driver assemblies
    • Tubular dilators
    • Shavers and cup currettes
  • Extremities and trauma
    • External fixation assemblies
  • General surgical
    • Bipolar forceps
    • Thoracotomy instruments

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