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Proprietary Implant Coatings

As a worldwide leader in implant coating technologies, Orchid continues to develop value-added innovative technologies and services. Some of our proprietary coatings include:

Coating Capabilities

  • Titanium coating on PEEK 
  • Titanium coating on UHMWPE 
    • Irregular and porous in nature with no deterioration of mechanical properties
  • Anti-wear ceramic coating:
    • A tough ceramic coating with enhanced wear properties for implantable components
    • No master file - evaluation in process
  • HA coating on titanium, cobalt-chromium or stainless steel
  • Custom coating technologies
    • Customer-driven solutions, including traditional bead coatings and more novel applications such as porous metal foams

Brochure (with specifications):

Orchid Implant Coatings and Surface Treatments Brochure Orchid Implant Coatings and Surface Treatments Brochure (2909 KB)

List of Master Files Filed with the FDA:

  • MAF 1779/A002 – OSSEOMATRIX® Titanium Foam Coating
  • MAF 2172 – Titanium ASYMMATRIX® Type 1
  • MAF 2197 – Titanium Spherical Type 1 Porous Coating
  • MAF 339 – HA Characterization File
  • MAF 1085 – Titanium Plasma Spray Characterization File
  • MAF for Ti on PEEK: 2663
  • MAF for Ti/HA on Ti/CoCrMo: 2525 

In addition to developing new coating technologies, we are also experts in the clinical success of hydroxylapatite coating (HA), the high osseo-integration capability of titanium plasma spray (TPS) / vacuum plasma spray (VPS), and the roughened surface of resorbable blast media (RBM). Read more about our coating capabilities here